July 1, 2024

WeBalance: A Well-Being Case Study

With the belief that “Good ideas deserve good company”, WeTransfer is a certified B Corporation that strives to use their business as a force for positive change. And because of the values it stands for and being a responsible B2B organization WeTransfer joined hands with team SparkUs, to work on a program that aimed at recalibrating the work-life balance of its employees due to working from home (WFH) realities.

In this program, the digital coaching exercises on the SparkUs Platform were designed based on this approach, covering different areas of life and work to come at all balance between the two. WeTransfer employees were then given the on-demand option to have 2-3 coaching sessions following these digital exercises to go deeper into their transformation. The program was well received with a 90% engagement rate.

Let’s take you through WeTransfer’s brief journey with SparkUs!