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Increase Coaching Capacity, Enhance Leadership Capabilities

At SparkUs, we believe in the power of coaching to drive cultural transformation.

That why we also offer strategically tailored, holistic training programs to equip your internal resources with the coaching mindset and tools.

From mentors and internal coaches to peers and managers, we equip your team with the skills to foster a supportive, results-oriented environment.

Our Approach

We embrace a 70-20-10 holistic approach, blending various development tools to create a comprehensive learning environment.

Micro Learning Videos

Delivers core theoretical information in bite-sized, manageable chunks for quick and effective learning.

Peer Practice Groups

Facilitates the integration of learning through hands-on practice and shared experiences.

Digital Coaching Exercises

Prepares leaders and their teams for receiving coaching, aligning the coaching journey, and fostering coaching readiness.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Our coaching team represents a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, ensuring we can match you with a coach who truly understands your unique perspective.

What makes SparkUs trainings so great?
Let's hear it from program participants.

Excellent content, applicable in everyday business and personal life. Enthusiastic and engaged facilitators and participants, good course structure.

This is not just a theoretical program. We delve deeply into the details with live sessions that demonstrate what to do, what to avoid, and how to improve.

It provides valuable insights into team management techniques, inspires innovative approaches, and is conducted through interactive sessions featuring real 'learning by doing' experiences with feedback. It emphasizes practical application over theory, promoting a lot of action and hands-on learning.

The training facilitators are excellent, fostering a casual and relaxed atmosphere that encourages discussion and engagement. The content is both interesting and thought-provoking.

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Elevate your organization's coaching capacity, and start your organization's cultural transformation today!