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Your company's path for growth: Scaled Thematic Coaching


Helps you grow your business by increasing employee performance and engagement.


Increases productivity by setting clear expectations for employees, so they know exactly what's expected of them.


Improves employee retention by showing them the value of their work and the opportunity to grow in their career.

The blend of AI-guided exercises and professional coaching has propelled our team’s growth and productivity to new heights. SparkUs isn’t just a platform, it’s a game-changer for fostering a thriving and agile culture.

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Success Stories

How Novartis Achieved 85% Engagement Rate in its Mentorship Program

Novartis was aiming to establish a coaching culture to support leadership and employee development at every level. However, sustainability and monitoring were still a challenge for the company due to the following reasons...

How MCT Ensured Leadership Development Efficiency

One of MCT’s clients is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. The bank was going through a large-scale organizational transformation in Turkey and required MCT’s services.

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