Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring

Keep Up With Change While
Keeping Your Employees Engaged

SparkUs Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring programs are
the best tools to spread core values throughout your organization,
develop your people, and grow along with them!

Cultivate wisdom from corporate leaders who have been around longer and have seen it all.

Help employees develop the necessary skills to quickly adapt to change or new situations.

Train your employees in effective communication styles so they can share ideas more effectively.

How it Works

Capacity Building for Mentors & Mentees
Structured Mentoring Experience
Spreading Cross-Company Wisdom
Enhanced Impact and Sustainability

Success Stories

How Novartis Achieved 85% Engagement Rate in its Mentorship Program

Novartis was aiming to establish a coaching culture to support leadership and employee development at every level. However, sustainability and monitoring were still a challenge for the company due to the following reasons...

How MCT Ensured Leadership Development Efficiency

One of MCT’s clients is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. The bank was going through a large-scale organizational transformation in Turkey and required MCT’s services.

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