July 1, 2024

TurnKey Coaching Solutions and SparkUs Join Forces

In an exciting and groundbreaking partnership, TurnKey Coaching Solutions and SparkUs Digital Coaching Solutions have united with a shared vision of innovation in coaching and development. These two organizations, renowned for their commitment to excellence and pioneering spirit, are set to make a profound impact on the future of work and professional growth.

TurnKey Coaching Solutions is now fully embracing the digital age by incorporating the SparkUs platform, offering clients cutting-edge digital coaching experiences. Simultaneously, SparkUs is expanding its presence in the United States by leveraging TurnKey’s pool of highly skilled coaches. This collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of both organizations but also presents exciting possibilities for their clients.

About TurnKey & SparkUs

For over two decades, TurnKey Coaching Solutions has been a leader in helping organizations achieve unprecedented success. Since its founding in 2004, TurnKey Coaching Solutions has continually evolved, offering a comprehensive suite of scalable, enterprise coaching, and leadership development solutions.

And SparkUs, a pioneer in the digital coaching realm, has reimagined traditional coaching by seamlessly integrating AI-supported technology with human interaction. This all-in-one digital coaching solution is designed to enhance employee engagement and performance, contributing to the overall success of organizations in line with corporate strategies. The platform efficiently delivers high-quality coaching experiences to a broad audience, allowing organizations to extend coaching support widely and achieve significant impact in less time.

A Revolutionary Collaboration for the Coaching Scene

The partnership between TurnKey Coaching Solutions and SparkUs is a testament to their shared mission of empowering organizations globally. TurnKey’s expertise in coaching program design and executive coaching, combined with SparkUs’ cutting-edge digital coaching technology, creates a synergy that promises to revolutionize coaching and leadership development.

Anisa Aven, CEO of TurnKey Coaching Solutions, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this new journey with SparkUs. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our commitment to empower organizations with the best coaching and development solutions. Together, we aim to raise the bar and redefine coaching excellence.”

Ozlem Sarioglu, PCC, and Co-founder of SparkUs, added, “We believe that the future of coaching lies in innovation and accessibility. Our partnership with TurnKey Coaching Solutions is a testament to our commitment to providing organizations with the most effective coaching solutions. Together, we aim to create a transformative coaching experience.”

As TurnKey Coaching Solutions and SparkUs unite, the future of coaching and leadership development is set to witness remarkable advancements. For more information on the TurnKey Coaching Solutions and SparkUs Digital Coaching partnership please feel free to contact us.